After three come all things, sublime success ,

benefiting perseverance

The rivers and seas meet, the sandbar rises and rises; It is healthy and enterprising, and it is endless. The Xiaoshan Party Bay in the mouth of the Qiantang River is bred with the sand culture of hard struggle and good opportunity; the party bay educated youth who once was a symbol of the times, dare to take responsibility, actively and aggressively, and create the Zhiqing Printing and Dyeing Factory. It was they who created the ternary culture; it was them who started the three yuan today.


In last more than three decades, Saintyear has always been adhering to its "beyond profit " principle and the pursuit of social progress. Sustainable development is the key point of corporate social responsibility. It is the core value and commitment for Saintyear to promote harmonious development of shareholders, employees, customers, industry partners, the environment and the society.

Mission vision

Why are Saintyear here? The only reason is that Saintyear wants to be the source of beauty. Painting the beautiful life with colors is its corporate mission.Both enterprises and people are belong to the society. Clothing, food, shelter and transportation,is the theme of human life while Apparel comes to the first. Saintyear Holdinghas been dedicated to fabric weaving, dyeing and finishing over 30 years. Saintyear endeavors to be the most contributed enterprises in our local economic development and China’s leading one in printing and dyeing industry.

Corporate trait

A sandbar has evolved into fertile land where the river and the sea join up. And the tideland offers us a foundation on which to build our business. With more than thirty years' growth and hard working, Saintyear has been a holding company from Dangwan Eduated Youth Dyeing & Printing factory. The "Dene culture " and " Educated Youth culture" contributed to the formation of the Saintyear character responsibility&diligence,concentration&speciality,steadiness&practicality,openness & tolerance,.

Dedicated to work hard

Responsibility leads to diligence. This is an internal initiative spirit and the responsibility for family and career. Moreover, this is the devotion and loyalty to the industry and the enterprise.

Focus on achievement

Concentration generates speciality. For the past 35years, Saintyear has always been concentrating and pioneering in its main business fabrics and its subsidiaries all have achieved their own specific product positioning and professional advantage.

Steady must be pragmatic

Steadiness and practicality are both indispensible. Steadiness means the enterprise should set a goal and make business decisions based on its own capability. Praceticality means the management team of group should be familiar with all details of prodution line, seek truth from facts, purse result-oriented mode of thinking and be concerned about the long-term sustainale and healthly development.

Open and more inclusive

In the course of its development, Sanyuan has absorbed many partners from different regions, different backgrounds and different cultures. It insists on harmony and respect, respects individuality and encourages innovation and exploration, adheres to cooperation and win-win, seeks common ground while reserving differences, and seeks common development.