Startup Period

In 1981,Xiaoshan Dangwan Educaed Youth Pringting & Dyeing Factory was estatlished, which started the enterprenuerial history for over 30 years.

In 1984,the enterprise changes its name to Xiaoshan NO.3 Pringting &Dyeing Factory and started the workshop mass production.

In 1992,Xiaoshan NO.3 Printing &Dyeing Factory was ranked the key backbone township enterprise of Zhejiang Province.

In 1993, the enterprise undertook the joint stock cooperative system which not only injected great vitality into the enterprise but also laid solid foundation for its fast development.


Main business growing period

During the ten years from 1993 to 2002, the company has successively established 11 printing, dyeing and textile subsidiaries which all have their own fabric feartures and professionl advantages.

In 2000,Zhejiang Saintyear Group Co., Ltd was established

In 2002,company was listed as China Private Emterprises 500 and top ten enterprise of Chinese printing and dyeing industry for the first time.

2002 till now

Diversified development period

In 2002,Saintyear started the diversified development of industries and entered the industry of real eatate, electronic new material and apparel in succession which took the febric as principal work. 

In 2005,Zhejiang Saintyear Group Co., Ltd changed its name to Saintyear Holding has become a large diversfied and professional enterprise group compesed of 4 industries and 16 subsidiaries.

Since 2014, Saintyear has begun to focus on the capital market, arrange around the traditional printing & dyeing and clothing sectors, participate actively in the upstream and downstream mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. It has begun to center on exploring the domestic and overseas industrial layout like Bangladesh, Singapore and so on


Equity Investment