Social Charity

Trying best to insist on charity work and caring and helping someone in need are Saintyear’s unshakable social responsibilities. Saintyear has been monthly donated RMB 60 of living subsidies to each old man aged from 65 to 69 and donated RMB 20000000 for the estabilishment of its educational fund named Dangwan Saintyear Educaiotnal Fund.


Funded education

Funded education

In 1997, donated RMB 1100000 to build Dangwan kindergarten.

In 1999, donated RMB 600000 for construction of Dangwan Middle School.

In 2002, donated RMB 600000 for the establisghment of DangwanNo.1 Primary School.

In 2004, donated RMB 600000 for the establishment of Dangwan Middle School.

In 2014, donated RMB 20,000,000 for Dangwan & Saintyear Education Funds in the form of title sponsorship.

Village and town construction

Village and town construction

In 2001, donated RMB 2000000 for the water supply construction of Dangwan Town.

In 2002, donated RMB 500000 for the road consturcution of Dangwan town.

In 2008, donated RMB 1100000 as new rural constrcution fund for Zhenzhong, Yong’an, Yongle and Meidong Villages.

In 2011 & 2012, donated RMB 2000000 to Yong’an, Xinqian,Meidong Villiages in the activity of Enterprises and Villiages cooperation .

Charity Donation

Charity Donation

In 1999, donated RMB 300000 for establishment of Xiaoshan Charity Federation.

Since 2007,has been monthly donating RMB 60 of living subsidies to each old man aged from 65 to 69 in Dangwan Town.

In 2008, donated RMB 1230000 for school reconstruction in the earthquake area of Sichuan Province.

In 2009, donated RMB 10000000 for Dangwan Branch of Xiaoshan Charity Federation in the form of titile Sponsorship and now it is 12000000.